In 2022, here are the 8 best cold email software options for launching successful campaigns (Full Review)

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To increase sales and keep existing customers coming back, businesses spend thousands of dollars on email marketing and social media advertising.

Cold emailing, on the other hand, is still one of the greatest acquisition channels for both retail and tech organizations when it comes to acquiring new consumers.

A well-executed cold emailing campaign may boost sales and provide a fantastic return on investment.

So, what is the definition of cold emailing?

An unsolicited email sent to a recipient without prior contact is known as cold emailing. Typically, businesses utilize it to reach out to consumers who might be interested in their products or services.

Cold emails aren’t always regarded as spam. Companies that do it correctly target targeted consumers who are truly interested in their products or services. Targeting the proper audience and providing genuine value with your email content are the keys to cold emailing success.

Spamming is a process in which a firm or an individual decides to overwhelm an audience with irrelevant and undesirable content.

Cold emailing is essentially an advertisement that the recipient can opt out of at any time in order to avoid receiving similar emails in the future. Cold emailing can be tedious job because marketers will have to copy and paste endlessly. Cold email software will come in handy in this situation.

The Top 8 Cold Email Software Programs

SmartReach is the first.

SmartReach is exactly what you need if you’re an advanced user seeking for a feature-rich solution for cold emailing. Because of enhanced hyper-personalization and smart scheduling, you may send emails in your prospect’s timezone, your emails will have a better chance of generating a response. works with GSuite, Office365, Outlook, Mailgun, and SendGrid, among other email clients.

It focuses heavily on email deliverability and includes features such as list-cleaning (Email validation), Warm-Ups, and Spam Tests.

Its team-centric features, such as Role-based permissions, Team level settings, and an Agency dashboard to see and manage numerous clients, make it perfect for larger teams and agencies.


- Email Send Time Customizable

- Customized Emails

— Works with a variety of email clients

— Simple to Use Interface

– If-then-else, as in Workflow Automations

— Sales depending on a client’s account

- Agencies Have Their Own Plan


– Blank (that we could find at least)


Standard Plan: $24 per user per month

The Ultimate Plan costs $59 per month per user. is the company’s website.

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Woodpecker is number two on our list.

Woodpecker is the greatest solution for B2B enterprises that send out automatic tailored emails to potential clients. Woodpecker was created with cold emails and follow-ups in mind. Gmail, Office 365, and Exchange accounts can all be used to send cold emails.

It works with Zapier, Salesforce, and a variety of other business applications.

They advertise themselves as one of the safest applications for automated campaigns. It’s also a good option for teams that need to cooperate, share contact information, and/or block domains.

A/B testing, if-campaigns to send prospects to alternate streams, manual tasks to incorporate non-email actions in the campaign, and snippet-based conditions for easy customization and personalization are just a few of the advanced features available in Woodpecker.

One of the advantages of using Woodpecker is that their software is always being improved and updated. You can see their significant upgrades on their roadmap here.

Woodpecker has also created a new pricing structure that allows you to pay the basic fee per slot and then only pay for the add-on features you utilize.

Add-on features can be turned on and off at any time, ensuring that you only pay for what you require, when you require it, and no more.


-A user-friendly interface that is simple to use and comprehend

-It’s simple to set up and integrate your contact list.

-A/B testing is totally automated and provides useful information.

-Daily, weekly, and monthly metrics reporting

-Customer service is available at all times.

-Conditions depending on snippets

– Sender reputation is maintained with a warm-up feature.

-For non-email actions, manual tasks can be included in the campaign.

-Extremely strict security measures

Prospects can be sent to a different stream if campaigns allow it.

-Each slot can have an unlimited number of team members or multiple team members.

-Adjustable pricing so you only pay for the features you use when you need them.


-If many slots and add-ons are necessary, it can be costly for small businesses.

-Only 7 follow-ups allowed


-Try it for free for 14 days (includes all add-on functions)

-50 Contact Emails Per Day: $40 — $59 per slot/monthly, depending on the add-ons chosen

-200 Contact Emails Per Day: $44–$64 per slot/monthly, depending on the add-ons chosen

-Unlimited Contact Emails Per Day: $49 — $69 per slot/monthly, depending on the add-ons chosen is the company’s website.

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Snov is another popular cold emailing software with an easy-to-use UI and robust functionality. Snov allows you to save time by automating your email marketing. You can also get the Snov Chrome extension, which allows you to find someone’s email address on a website.

Snov is a tool for sending cold emails.

You can create triggers to get notified when someone opens your email. If a user opens your email but does not respond, you may also set up an automated follow-up email.

Finally, you can use the Domain Search Tool to locate an email address associated with a specific domain name.


– Email Locator

— Simple to Use Interface

- Drip Marketing

— Validates all email addresses with an email verifier


- Does not include a link to “unsubscribe”

- When given several email accounts, does not show the most frequently used email from each contact.


- Small Plan: $29 per user per month

- Medium Plan: $49 per user per month

- Large Plan: $79 per user per month

– Extra-Large Plan: $139 per user per month is the company’s website.

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4. Reply

With Reply, you can take your sales outreach to a whole new level. You may create an email campaign with follow-ups and then conduct split tests to increase your conversion rate using this dashboard.

Reply’s strong reporting mechanism is one of its best features. This system displays all of your email campaign’s data and indicators, including delivery, open rates, link clicks, bounced emails, and more.

The advantages of using the reply-to-cold-email tool

Depending on their activities, you can exclude particular people from your automated email queue. It also allows you to create personalized email campaigns.


- Numerous Features

- Simple to Install and Use

- Extensive Automation Capability

- You can create a campaign and then completely forget about it.

- Email Marketing Team Collaboration Tool


– Expensive per-number-of-contacts pricing

- Organizing Lists in the App is Difficult

- Intended for advanced users who want to learn more about email marketing.


$55 per month for a user to contact 1,000 people

3,000 persons each month to be contacted by the user: $70

$90 per month for a user to contact 30,000 people

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5. is a game that you may play online. is a web-based email verification and research platform that assists organizations in collecting and verifying professional email addresses.’s cold email campaign functionality is likely not its strongest suit, given that it was only recently launched to the site., on the other hand, is your best bet if you’re searching for an all-in-one solution for your cold outreach efforts.

With, you can quickly uncover and verify emails from your target audience, as well as discover hard-to-find contact information for your prospects, allowing you to completely tailor your campaigns and improve the results of your outreach efforts. is a must-have tool for your next cold outreach campaign if you’re in the B2B industry.

If you don’t need any advanced email automation tools and you’re already using Gmail, you may use their campaigns function to get an all-in-one solution. From locating emails to converting them into customers, we’ve got you covered.

TIP: Whether or whether you utilize, you should check out their browser extension, which can help your business tremendously!


- Ninety percent of the time, the emails it sends are correct.

- Easily integrates with the browser, making it simple to use.

- There are no extra charges for team subscriptions.

— A one-stop shop for chilly outreach


- No mobile app/functionality is currently available.

- Capabilities for Cold Outreach are Limited (and you can enjoy it only if you used Gmail so you might need additional tools to enjoy the full email outreach experience)


Yes, there is a free version.

Starter plan: $49 per month

Monthly Growth: $99

$199/month for Pro

$399/Month for Enterprise

Hunter’s website can be found at

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