Alternative To Work Better Now For SME Businesses

Erik Steven
2 min readMay 9, 2022


If you’re trying to enhance your productivity by eliminating mundane duties from your calendar, a virtual assistant from Work Better Now may seem like the perfect choice. However, before you come to a final conclusion, it’s vital to examine an alternative. In fact, we’re sure you’ll find that BIZPROMIT has more to offer is a better choice.


Services Offered

We haven’t even attempted to count the number of tasks we provide at BIZPROMIT because the list is nearly interminably long. In addition to typical virtual assistant duties such as those you receive from Work Better Now.

We also provide services in the areas of graphic design, digital marketing, and website creation to our customers. We also have virtual assistants that are skilled in a variety of things such as selling on Amazon, bookkeeping, and virtual receptionist duties.

Work Better Now has 56 task support available, which are divided into the following categories: calendar management, travel, company growth, management, and operations, among others.

They include things like constructing your prospect list, planning events, recording birthdays and wedding anniversaries, ordering marketing materials, assisting with employee recruitment, organizing social media, and filling out online forms, to name a few examples.

Pricing & Affordability

With BIZPROMIT, you have a great deal of versatility. We have 3 distinct plans, with the most affordable starting at $39.95 for 28 days with 5 hours.

Our most comprehensive plan is 160 hours a month, for which you pay $669 only for 28 days. It is a full-time plan with a dedicated assistant. Our clients prefer to build a team with 3 or 5 VAs for each business process.

With Work Better Now, you can only hire a virtual assistant who will work with you full time.

This service is available for $1,750 a month for eight hours per day, Monday through Friday, although virtual assistants are allowed to take vacation days as well. Domestic calls are included in the pricing, and there are no contracts, so you may quit after one month if you don’t want to continue.

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