Leads what every marketer dreams. Every business spends thousands on acquiring and nurturing. What if 9000 leads with buyer’s intent are delivered to your inbox at USD0.03/per lead? Getting leads is one step away, subscribe for lead generation services.

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. They are the people who have shown some form of interest in your niche or similar products. The more leads you get, the more revenue you will generate.

Generating Hot Leads with Buyers’ Intent — Virtual Lead Generation Services

Hot leads are those leads that show a high level of buyer intent and are ready to take action because they have already done a lot of research. These leads generate more revenue for companies than cold leads, which is why it is essential to find them and convert them into customers as soon as possible.

The goal of lead generation is to generate qualified leads for a company. A hot lead generation service at Bizpromit Technologies is a perfect amalgamation that helps in this process. It provides the company with fresh and qualified leads, which are generated through various methods including scraping and data mining.

The hot lead generation service helps companies get hot, fresh, qualified leads by using various methods. These new leads are more qualified than the ones generated from other sources like social media or email marketing lists or any tools out in the market as lead generator tools.

Why should you subscribe to Virtual Assistant Lead Generation Services?

Why Not! with free email campaign tools + 9000 leads at $0.03/lead. Every VA hour spent will get you 300 hot, qualified leads with buyer intent on your niche. The marketing tool used is a robust most advanced marketing tool with email campaign automation and web-hooks & tracking-enabled option. Moreover, the tool has the latest drag-and-drop email builder better or similar to Mailchimp, Katra, ActiveCampaign, etc.

Every lead generated is a valid email with social accounts tied to each. It is vital to take immediate action, as the buyer’s intent is volatile and can be quenched by the fast performer. No list of thousand of cold leads but only hot leads for every hour of VA work.

  • How VAs Generate Hot Leads: Our lead gen system is robust with tools and human resources to extract and scrape leads and filter them out to ensure valid emails and social media accounts. Additionally, they take on the task, of researching for keywords and people intent on extracting qualified hot leads.
  • Does my VA nurture the leads: Yes, when tasked, a VA once done with lead extraction is moved on to another expert VA responsible for setting up email campaigns to nurture the leads. Though VA will need tools such as an active campaign or opt for our tool free of cost with an active subscription. All you would need is to provide a business email for running campaigns.
  • 9000 Leads Cost: VA services require a subscription with an hourly plan. Bizpromit pricing plans are simple yet customized to suit businesses on any scale. The most chosen plan for lead generation is the Economy 80 hours plan, feel free to choose your plan. Every hour a VA can generate 300 hot leads. Based on your plan subscription the cost per lead varies.
  • The most subscribed plan for lead generation services is the Economy 80 hours plan. The hourly cost is $9.59, i.e. 300 hot leads for less than 10 USD. Subscribe and delegate hot lead generation tasks now.

Any hourly subscription can be used for lead generation? Or what if I have an hourly balance for other tasks and if I wanna focus on lead generation can I do it?

Absolutely! VA hours are to be used for all types of services, you can use them for any task in hand, recurring tasks, or daily business processes.

From where do you generate leads?

We generate leads through research using tools that we are not allowed to share, tools used are proprietary and third-party tools that have access to all social profiles and databases. For every lead, our tools with the VA can list and sort out hot leads every hour. YOU are requested to take action immediately, to convert them to a paying customer.

Does my virtual assistant take on the task of Taking Immediate Action?

When delegated a VA can take immediate action, and create 2 tasks, one1 to generate leads and another2 to start an email campaign as soon as leads are generated.

Can I use the FREE campaign automation tool at Bizpromit?

When requested we set up your personal FREE email campaign automation tool and documentation to use for free, provided you are on an active subscription. No charges will be deducted for the tool, and any hours subscribed will be available for any task type.

I need inquiries or call schedules daily can the VA do that?

Well, the process involves 3 major parts, First generating leads, second of all preparing tools, and thirdly setting up the campaign. All these three can be handled by our team for each part there should be a separate task and only one active subscription is needed.

I have some other questions regarding the lead generation services offered. Can I ask?

You are always welcome to ask any question you have, ask us about your inquiry here.

We love sourcing qualified leads for our clients, Experience Virtual Assistant Services with Bizpromit.

Selling technology isn’t always easy because there is a lot of competition, but it can also be difficult if your target audience is a random list of emails.

However, we have devised a lead creation approach that generates qualified leads.

If you don’t think your marketing campaigns are giving you enough bang for your buck, and it’s giving you nightmares, our b2b lead generation plan could be the solution.

We will generate qualified leads, choose your plan, and subscribe to an hourly plan for virtual assistant lead generation services and more. For pricing follow the link here, [https://bizpromit.com/pricing/].

Wondering why to hire a VA, why not hire an employee well check this out, Cost comparison for a full-time employee versus a Full-Time Virtual Assistant



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